Abstract submission guidelines:

  • All the participants were asked to submit their abstracts electronically as an email attachment before the deadline. Abstract submissions are not accepted after the deadline.
  • Include all pertinent information, such as the author's name, the title of the abstract, the author's email address, the scientific session, the oral or poster presentation, etc.
  • To help the reviewers in concentrating on the abstract's scientific content, please submit your abstracts in plain American English.
  • There is no limit to the abstract submission.
  • Each abstract should be only submitted once. Duplicate abstracts that are submitted under various author names or titles won't be taken into consideration.
  • No other journal or conference publisher may be considering any of the submitted articles.
  • The abstracts will be examined by an internal panel of reviewers.

Date and time:

The scheduled date and time of your presentation can be found on the website approximately three months prior to the meeting.

Abstract review and selection:

Abstracts must not exceed 250 words, including references. Abstracts may be edited for brevity, readability, vocabulary, and style as needed by the review committee and program editors. Each submitted abstract will be evaluated by a multidisciplinary international panel of experts. The reviewers were asked to review the abstracts for the sessions they were assigned to in accordance with their areas of expertise within three days of submitting their own. Following the review of the papers, the conference administration will mail the status of the abstract.

Virtual presentation guidelines:

  • Virtual presenters can deliver their lectures from the comfort of their own homes.
  • A few days before the webinar, each registered participant will receive their unique user ID.
  • Please arrive at the meeting 20 to 30 minutes early to address any technical concerns.
  • Twenty minutes are allotted for each presenter's presentation, followed by a Q&A session. Ensure that you complete your presentation and Q&A within the allotted time.
  • Be ready with your presentation and open PPT slides in advance on your device. Through screen sharing, you can instantly exhibit your document.
  • If you would want to send a recorded presentation rather than attend the meeting, we advise you to send the recorded files and the power point presentation at least 10 days before to the meeting.

 Speaker Guidelines:

  • For the sake of being informed of any unforeseen changes, we kindly ask that all participants be present at the conference from the beginning to the finish of the session.
  • A 20-minute slot is set out for each speaker. Watch out for the time limit and finish the presentation promptly.
  • English should be used as the presentation language.
  • PPT or PDF file formats are required for the presentation doc files. Make sure the PowerPoint slides are clear and easy to understand.
  • 15 days before the conference, all participants are asked to turn in their documents. Copies of these documents may be brought on a flash drive or pen drive.
  • Before the session begins, kindly verify that your PPTs are operating properly.
  • The conference room's laptop, projector, slide pointer, and sound system eliminate the need for participants to bring their own laptops.
  • Due to their setup time, personal laptops are not permitted for presentations. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, contact the organizing team.
  • Make sure your doc files are compatible. To ensure compatibility with conference systems, make sure your files are compatible.
  • Please get in touch with the support staff if you have any concerns.
  • For the presentation to go smoothly and successfully, please be patient and obey the organizing committee's instructions.

Poster Guidelines:

  • There are sequel numbers assigned to each and every poster. One hour or more prior to the start of the session, each presenter should find their designated area and set up their posters.

Poster dimensions: 
        The desired poster size is one meter wide by one meter long. Make sure your poster will fit in the designated space. To prevent last-minute stress, it is suggested that all the participants prepare their posters in advance and bring it to the conference. Please print your own posters in advance since we don't offer any on-site printing services. Ensure that your poster is organized, clear, and prepared in accordance with the instructions. All presenters were asked to remain available at their posters during the session so that interested viewers might ask questions. Please be patient. Please, collect your poster before leaving and as we don’t safeguard them. The winner will be announced by the judge after reviewing all the presentations.

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